Christmas Bush Tasmanian honey
Christmas Bush Tasmanian honey
Christmas Bush Tasmanian honey
Tasmanian Honey Company

Christmas Bush Tasmanian honey

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With a great taste thats like caramel fudge, with a hint of marzipan, this unique and delicious Tasmanian honey is sure to please.
It has a mild and pleasant bouquet, is light amber in colour and fabulously rich, thick and creamy in texture.
Like all the Tasmanian Honey Company’s honeys, their Christmas bush honey is harvested without heat treatment or filtering.
So it retains all its natural goodness and all of its natural flavour.
Christmas Bush honey is, of course, derived from the Australian native shrub whose Latin name is Bursaria Spinosa.
It has delicate white flowers that typically only bloom in the mid summer, which is why it is called the Christmas Bush. (The bush is sometimes also called a Prickly Box)
Packaged in a beautiful resealable metal can, this honey tastes as good as it looks.
As a uniquely Australian product, It also makes an ideal gift.

Choose from either 350gms or 750gms tins.

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