Creamed leatherwood honey, R Stephens, 500gms
R Stephens

Creamed leatherwood honey, R Stephens, 500gms

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Wow!! Thats what you'll be saying after you experience the smooth and luscious texture of this creamed, organic, Tasmanian leatherwood honey.
Creamed honey is special.
Its normal honey that has had a small drop of already crystallized honey added to it.
The drop slowly spreads the crystallization throughout all the honey and turns it into what we call creamed honey.
Sometimes the honey is whipped as well, to give it that perfect uniform creamy texture.
The result is a firm, smooth honey thats easy to spread on bread, toast, crumpets or pancakes.
This particular creamed honey has been created from leatherwood honey.
So it has the characteristic distinctive flavour and wonderful scent of leatherwood honey.

Produced by R Stephens, Tasmania's largest leatherwood honey producer, the honey comes from the pristine forests of western and north-west Tasmania.

It is 100% pure and natural

Enjoy this unique honey - its the essence of Tasmania.

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