Christmas Bush honey, Honeyeater 400gms jar
Tasmanian Honey Company

'Honeyeater' Christmas Bush honey (Tasmanian Honey Company) 400gms jar

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'Honeyeater' Christmas Bush honey is a beautiful 400gms jar of delicious pure honey.  It has a wonderful and distinctive flavour, and the rich thick, texture of  candied honey.
Christmas Bush honey has been created by bees foraging in the Tasmanian wilderness amidst stands of Prickly Box bushes.
Prickly Box are also called Christmas Bush because they flower every year in late December, with small white flowers that are full of nectar.
Bees love the Christmas Bush nectar and the honey they make from it is unique, with a strong, complex flavour. Some describe it as having notes of marzipan, whilst others suggest its almond-like.
Many honey lovers put this honey amongst their all-time favourites.
This honey is totally pure, unheated, unfiltered and naturally organic.
The Tasmanian Honey Company  processing technique gives the honey a delightful candied texture. Its soft, smooth and has a melt in your mouth consistency. And this honey doesn't crystallize or go hard.
Like all the Tasmanian Honey Company products the Honeyeater Christmas Bush honey is beautifully packaged.
The label features a native honeyeater bird, complemented by a raised floral design embossed on the jar. So this solid glass jar, with a metal capped lid, is re-usable as an attractive container.
Enjoy it today or give someone you love the gift of this quality Australian product

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I'm new to honeyeater but this is my second jar now. It's super delicious. This has a very distinctive flavour. Definitely one to get again.