Beerenberg blue gum honey, 335 gms

Blue Gum Honey, Beerenberg 335gms

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Blue gum honey may well South Australia's most popular honey. 
Its light colour and delicate flavour ensures it appeals to all the family.

The blue gum (latin name - eucalyptus leucoxylon) is native to South Australia and grows widely in its forests and ranges.

Sometimes known as the large-fruited blue gum, bees are especially attracted to its flowers, which can be white, pink or cream in colour.

Beerenberg has packaged 335gms of quality natural blue gum honey into an attractive small glass jar with a re-sealable metal lid.

Beerenberg is, of course, renowned for its high quality products, packaged at the family farm at Hahndorf in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

In fact, there have now been six generations of the Paech family growing fresh produce and lovingly crafting their famous home-style products at the farm since 1839.

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