Tasmanian Wilderness Leatherwood Honey Pure Honeycomb, 350grams,
Tasmanian Wilderness

Tasmanian Wilderness Leatherwood Honey Pure Honeycomb, 350grams,

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Tasmanian Wilderness leatherwood honeycomb is pure, natural and delicious.
Rich in vitamins, this is a 350gms chunk of honeycomb cut direct from the hive.
And it has all the delicious flavour and wonderful aroma of Tasmania's unique leatherwood honey.
Tasmania's wilderness is renowned for its pristine condition, and complete lack of pollution.
So if you are worried about modern chemicals, or artificial supplements in your diet, then rest assured that this is a completely natural and healthy product.
Even better, laboratory tests show it has a total activity rating of 10+, or in other words that it has a natural anti-bacterial capacity.
(The 10+ rating means that it kills as many bacteria as a 10% laboratory standard bleach solution.)
Presented in a sturdy and hygienic clear transparent container, this is a truly wonderful and premium Tasmanian product.
Perfect to add colour and flavour to a cheese or fruit platter, great to eat with a breakfast cereal, or just on its on as an energy boost.


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