Arataki (NZ) Manuka honey 500gms

Arataki (NZ) Manuka honey, 500gms

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This 500gms tub of fabulous tasting Manuka honey comes from one of New Zealands' best loved honey producers - Arataki.
Arataki is located in the mid-west of New Zealand's north island, near Hawkes Bay.
It has been home to the Arataki honey company since 1944, and produces a range of high-quality honey products.
Their Manuka honey is a delicious, dark-brown malty-tasting honey produced from the nectar of New Zealand's famous Manuka or leptospermum bush.
Some of the honey from the Manuka bush is highly bio-active and marketed for its health promoting qualities.
But most is produced simply because it makes for a delicious and flavoursome honey, long a favourite with both Maori's and non-indigenous Kiwi's.
Packaged in a hygienic and sturdy, re-cyclable cardboard tub, with a re-sealable  lid, this is a premium New Zealand product.

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