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Manuka (Tea-tree) honey, Miellerie

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Miellerie's Manuka or tea-tree honey is distinctively flavoured, with a rich texture and consistency.
All of the honey's natural flavours, aromas and goodness have been preserved by Miellerie's careful approach to harvesting and bottling.
The honey has been extracted and bottled without filtration.
So this organic honey is completely raw and retains all its natural bio-active properties.
(Independent testing reveals the honey has a Methylglyoxal or MGO rating of 115+).
The honey is sourced from leptospermum scoparium bushes growing wild in Tasmania's pristine forests.
(These bushes are often called Manuka in New Zealand but actually originate in and are native to Tasmania.)
The honey that the bees produce from their nectar is a distinctive, richly flavoured honey.
And apiarist Yves Ginat has produced this honey in accordance with the time-honoured and traditional approaches developed down the centuries in his original French homeland.
This is a true artisan honey, sure to give your taste-buds a sensational honey experience.

Choose from either a 325gms or 900gms jar.

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Customer Reviews

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Miellerie is one of my favourite honey makers. This is a lovely treat honey you can eat straight off the spoon 🙊. Rich and dark, lovely texture and so tasty.

Danuta Bizon
Miellerie tea tree honey

Delicious and so special
Thank you