Raw orange blossom honey candied 500gms
orange blossom honey liquid 500gms
Raw Honey Company

Orange Blossom raw honey

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This is a wonderfully sweet honey made from the nectar of 'valencia' orange tree blossoms growing in the orchards of Griffith, NSW. (Latin name citrus sinensia).

Orange blossom honey is light coloured, sweet and when liquid can be quite viscous or runny.

It is ideal both to eat as is, or to add to your favourite hot drinks, and especially that cup of tea, or coffee.

Drizzled over ice-cream, this honey is also great for a dessert.

This is raw honey, meaning it is cold-extracted and bottled. (Most commercial producers extract their honey in a heated room and some also warm up their honey to make is easier to bottle.)

Raw honey retains all the natural elements that give honey its vitality and goodness, including pollen and small amounts of  bees wax.

Like all raw honeys, it crystallizes or candies very quickly. But the crystals are very small and fine, giving the honey a white colour, and soft, pliable consistency. That means it is delightfully easy either to spread with a knife or to spoon out of the jar.

Presented in a recyclable glass jar with a re-sealable metal lid this is a delicious honey sure to please everyone.

The Raw Honey Company are a small, family based, apiary with their headquarters and operations near Nalinga in north central Victoria. They are dedicated to the production of raw, mono-floral honeys to ensure the finest quality product, with maximum of natural health benefits.

For more information go to www.rawhoney.farm

[Note: If you prefer your honey liquid you can usually restore candied honey to a liquid state with gentle warming, e.g. by standing in a pan of hot water. But to keep as much of the honey's natural goodness as possible try to warm at less than the typical maximum summer temperature inside a bee hive - or around 40 degrees celsius.]


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