You can buy R Stephens leatherwood honey here for direct shipping to the USA

Yes,  you can buy R Stephens leatherwood honey here at and have it shipped direct to the USA

A single 500gram (i.e. 1.1lb jar) of R Stephens Tasmanian leatherwood honey costs around $US8-9 , so its definitely affordable.

Freight is the killer however, because Australia is a few thousand miles across the Pacific.

So for one jar you’ll have to add at least $US25-30 for standard air freight, and at least $US35-40 for express.

Buying more than one jar makes better sense because of the way freight costs are calculated.

In other words, there is an initial fixed cost that has to be covered. So the larger the package, the smaller that becomes as a proportion of the total cost. And so the cost per jar becomes cheaper.

That means the freight cost for two jars is less than twice the cost of freight for one.

Here at there is an automatic freight calculator that will show you the freight cost in the checkout as soon as you’ve keyed in your delivery address. (And before you have to pay).  So it’s a good idea to play around and experiment with how many jars you’d like to buy.

With delivery direct from Australia you’re guaranteed to get the freshes honey, but you’ll also need to take into account the current Covif 19 pandemic.

The pandemic is slowing up deliveries because there are fewer plans flying and lots of border closed around the world.

For the US that means you’ll be waiting around 3 weeks for express delivery from Australia and more like 6 weeks for standard air delivery.

But on the upside, buying direct means there are a range of leatherwood honey options available, with different brands, styles and sizes all available.

On US home soil, the options are far more limited, with very few retail stores stocking this honey in the US.

Alternatively, there are a few local sellers of Stephens leatherwood honey online but they’re expensive.

eBay has one New York based seller (worldwidejewelryinc) offering free US shipping for a twin pack of 2 * 1.1lb (500gms) jars of Stephens leatherwood honey at a total cost of $US54.99.

Over at, there are 3 different sellers, but you’re looking at paying at least $US47 with to get free shipping for just 1 jar.

*If you’re in New York you might find it at Macys. Otherwise a company called Liberty Richter is the official US distributor for Stephens leatherwood honey, and they have a store locator at their website.

I couldn’t get it to work from here in Australia, but you might have better luck if you’re actually in the US.







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