Fundraising initiatives helping Aussie beekeepers affected by drought and bushfires

Drought, and more recently savage bushfires, have threatened the livelihoods of many Australian beekeepers. Tragically, some will never recover. Others may do so, with a little help. Which is why targetted fund-raisers like those detailed below are so important.

Bushfire impact on beehives

The most significant fund-raising initiative targetted at beekeepers is Hive Aid. Supported by Capilano and endorsed by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, the fundraising is being managed by the Brisbane based Rural Aid charity.

Capilano announced the establishment of Hive Aid  on the 1st of December last year and, with a $100,000 donation from almond grower – Olam –  more than $124,000 had been raised as at the time of writing (20th Jan 2020).

[It isn’t clear at this stage whether that total amount includes any of the 20c per bottle that Capilano is promising from the sale of its specially marked 340gms packs released into the market in late December.]

To donate to Hive Aid go to

At the time of writing far a further $60,000 -$70,000 in total promised for beekeepers has also been raised by various individuals at the Gofundme platform.

Links to the pages of some are listed below:

1, Help Beekeepers affected by fire,

Organised by Ana from Amberdrop Honey and 2 others

Beneficiaries to date have included Peter Vickers from Sticky Wings Honey who lost 40 hives near Taree in NSW; Peter Matthison from Mid Coast Honey at Elands, NSW who lost 230 hives and Roy from Stickyprickbeehaven in Yanchep WA who lost 120 hives


2, Save the Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee  $25,840

Organiser - Kylie Hargraves

Island Beehive lost 400 hives to the Kangaroo Island bushfire


3, Help Save our Bees

Organiser - Richard Sutton

4th generation beekeepers - Richard Sutton and his parents - jodie and David, have lost 600-800 hives over last 12 months to three different bushfires at Inverell, Port Macquarie, and Eden

4, Save ‘Sticky Prick Bee Haven’ business $6960

Organiser Leanne Murphy

Roy lost 80 beehives at Yanchep in WA


5, Replace Bee Colonies Devastated by Bushfires $2470

Organised by Pam Noonan, Corryong Vic

On behalf of neighbour, Matt Gledhill - Mountain Bee honey


6, Bushfire Destruction - No Bush = NO BEES

Organised by Australian Organic Honey Company Pty Ltd


7, Helping Beekeepers affected by Aussie Bushfires  $1310

Organised by Richard deCauX whose father is "The Bush Bee Man", Ridleyton, SA


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