Leatherwood honey, Tasmanian Honey Company, 750gm tin Tasmanian Honey Company
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Leatherwood honey, Tasmanian Honey Company, 750gm tin

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Leatherwood honey is simply delicious. Undoubtedly Australia's finest honey.
It has a unique flavour; spicy, tangy, even a bit peppery. And its wonderful intense perfumed aroma make this Tasmanian honey even more special.
Tasmania is, of course, the only place in the world the leatherwood trees (Eucryphia Lucida) grow.
They've been growing there since prehistoric times and the fossil records suggest they've been around since the time of Gondwanaland, some 35,000 years ago.
The leatherwood trees live for a long time, as much as 350 years, and they don't even start flowering until they are at least 60 years old.
They flower for about 6 weeks from January to mid March every year and produce a sweetly-scented nectar.
You can smell that scent in this honey, and that, along with its distinctive flavour, makes leatherwood honey much sought after by connoisseurs the world over.
The Tasmanian Honey Company  extracts and packages its honey at a maximum of 45 degrees to ensure that it retains all of its natural flavours and goodness.
They also give the honey a special creamy texture, and soft, smooth consistency.
It feels wonderful on your tongue, and simply melts in your mouth.
Packaged in a re-sealable steel tin,  featuring a beautiful graphic design, this honey tastes as good as it looks.
As a uniquely Australian product, It also makes an ideal gift

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