Tasmanian leatherwood honey, honeyeater 400gms jar
Tasmanian Honey Company

'Honeyeater' Leatherwood honey (Tasmanian Honey Company) 400gms jar

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'Honeyeater' leatherwood honey is 400gms of heaven - sent flavour.
Harvested from the wild leatherwood trees growing in the ancient forests of north-west Tasmania, this honey has a delicious and unique flavour: spicy, piquant, and tangy - its unlike any other you've tasted.
Even better, it also has a wonderful aromatic bouquet.
The honey is unheated, unfiltered and naturally organic, to ensure it keeps as much as possible of its natural goodness and flavour.
The Tasmanian Honey Company processing technique gives the honey a delightful semi-candied texture. Its soft, its smooth and it has a melt in your mouth consistency. And this honey doesn't crystallize or go hard.
Like all the Tasmanian Honey Company products the Honeyeater leatherwood honey is beautifully packaged.
The label features a native honeyeater bird, complemented by a raised floral design embossed on the jar. So this solid glass jar, with a metal capped lid, is re-usable as an attractive container.
Enjoy it today or give someone you love the gift of this quality Australian product

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