Leatherwood honey, Candied, R Stephens, 750gms
R Stephens

Candied Leatherwood honey, organic, R Stephens, 750gms tin

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Delicious candied leatherwood honey in a 750gms tin from Tasmania's R Stephens.
R Stephens is Tasmania's (and Australia's) largest producer of leatherwood honey, and the only producer to make its leatherwood honey available in this firm, candied style.

This is 100% pure honey with no additives, chemicals, colouring or anything artificial.

But its firm textured, not  liquid, or runny. Thats because it has been allowed to crystallize, or candy, as all honey eventually does.

Candied honey can easily be returned to a liquid state with some gentle warming or heating.

But honey lovers often prefer their honey to be already candied. They say its easier to use, to store and to handle. There's less spillage, less chance of a mess, and it is easier to spread with a knife compared to liquid honey.

This is a genuine leatherwood honey so it has all the delicious and unique flavour of Tasmanian leatherwood honey. It  has a lovely, sweet perfume and an intense, appealing taste.

The honey is presented in an attractive re-sealable 750gms tin. 

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