Miellerie leatherwood honey 900gms
Leatherwood honey, Miellerie, Unheated, 900gms

Leatherwood honey, Miellerie, Unheated, 900gms

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Miellerie’s leatherwood honey reflects the passionate commitment of its beekeeper.

Yves Ginat draws on his French heritage to create truly wonderful honeys, with magnificent flavours, sensational fragrance and luscious textures.
Miellerie means honey house in French and Yves has produces all his honeys in the traditional French style.
So this genuine Tasmanian leatherwood honey has been wholly organically produced.
It is cold-extracted and has never been pasteurised or heated. So it is totally raw honey, retaining all the goodness, and the health promoting vitality that the bees created it with.
With its creamy and buttery texture, this is a really special honey.
Hand-crafted by an artisan bee-keeper, this is a rare, beautiful and absolutely delicious honey.

Packaged in a glass jar with net weight 900gms.

Also available in a smaller jar with net weight 325gms

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