ginseng and leatherwood honey blend
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Leatherwood and Ginseng honey, Blue Hills, 250gms

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Leatherwood and ginseng honey is a fantastic new addition to Blue Hills range of delicious Tasmanian honeys.
With Tasmanian grown Panax ginseng added this honey has an extra kick of spice and heat.
It'll surely get your blood warm, and delight your taste buds at the same time.
Ginseng is, of course, a traditional Asian homeopathic food.
It is said to stimulate the immune system, and promote natural defenses against colds and other ailments.
So when blended with leatherwood honey -  already rich in anti-oxidants, this is a wonderfully healthy product that naturally tastes great, and has a beautifully perfumed bouquet.
Produced in a creamed style, its crystals are both very small and fine ensuring the honey is soft and smooth and just melts in your mouth.
Blue Hills is, of course, one of Australia and Tasmania's leading producers of high quality honeys.
Their apiary is based on the edge of the Tarkine forest in the wild, remote and pristine environment of north west Tasmania.
Like all of their honey products, this one is presented in an attractive package.
Packed in an hygienic plastic jar, with tamper proof re-sealable twist-top lid, this 250gram jar of leatherwood and ginseng honey is a premium Australian food product.

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