Raw Mount Torbreck honey
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Raw Mount Torbreck honey

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This raw, cold extracted and cold bottle honey is a delightful treat. Its a mild flavoured and sweet honey sourced from the nectar of the summer flowering trees and ground flora growing in Victoria's Big River State Forest.

Its called raw honey because it was extracted and bottled 'cold', without any heating or warming. That makes sure that all the natural flavour and goodness of this 100% pure honey is retained.

The honey is naturally candied with a smooth, creamy texture.  Its very fine and small crystals make it easy to use and eat with either your spoon or a knife.

The Raw Honey company are a small, family based, apiary with their headquarters and operations in the remote bush country of north central Victoria. They are completely off-the-grid. And they are dedicated to the production of raw, mono-floral honeys to ensure the finest quality product, with maximum of natural health benefits.

Presented in a recyclable glass jar with a re-sealable metal lid this is a delicious honey sure to please everyone.

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