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Messmate raw honey
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Messmate honey, Raw, 500gms

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Messmate honey is a wonderfully sweet, darker coloured and strongly flavoured honey.
Its great taste makes it ideal to eat straight from the jar, and also to add flavour to baked cakes and biscuits.
There's not much that can beat the wonderful kitchen smell of a cake baked with this honey in the oven.
With its strong flavour and sweetness this is also a great honey for cooking in stir fries and Asian inspired dishes
The honey is called Messmate because the bees collected their nectar for this honey from Messmate (i.e. eucalyptus obliqua) trees growing in the Wombat state forest in central Victoria. (These trees are sometimes called Victorian ash or Tasmanian oak because the timber they produce is quite hard and commonly used for construction and manufacturing purposes. )
The honey has been extracted cold, without any heating or processing so its absolutely raw.
And it still contains lots of pollen, wax and other natural components that are normally filtered out in supermarket honey.
This means the honey retains all the goodness, flavour and vitality the bees originally made it with.

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[Note: If you prefer your honey liquid you can usually restore candied honey to a liquid state with gentle warming, e.g. by standing in a pan of hot water. But to keep as much of the honey's natural goodness as possible try to warm at less than the typical maximum summer temperature inside a bee hive - or around 40 degrees celsius.]


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