Manuka (Tea-tree) honey, Miellerie, 900gms

Manuka (Tea-tree) honey, Miellerie, 900gms

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Miellerie's Manuka or tea-tree honey is distinctively flavoured, with a lovely amber colour and rich, thick texture .

Apiarist Yves Ginat has produced it in the time-honoured and traditional way developed down the centuries in his French homeland.

That means cold-extraction and minimal processing.

So all of the honey's natural flavours, aromas and goodness have been preserved and this raw, organic honey retains all its special antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties.*

This is a true artisan honey, sure to give your taste-buds a sensational honey experience.

Packaged in a 900gms glass jar with metal lid.

*Laboratory tests show that this honey has an MGO (i.e. methylglyoxal) rating of 115, meaning its contains 115 mg of MGO per kg .


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