miellerie teatree manuka honey 325gms jar
Manuka (Tea-tree) honey, Miellerie, 325gms

Manuka (Tea-tree) honey, Miellerie, 325gms

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Miellerie's Manuka or tea-tree honey is distinctively flavoured, with a rich texture and consistency.
All of the honey's natural flavours, aromas and goodness have been preserved by Miellerie's
cold-extraction and minimal processing approach.
So this raw, organic honey retains all its natural anti-biotic properties.
Those properties are especially pronounced in this honey, which would be called Manuka in New Zealand or JellyBush in northern Australia.
These trees are also native to Tasmania, and produce an excellent and distinctive honey.
This honey has been produced by apiarist Yves Ginat in accordance with the time-honoured and traditional approaches developed down the centuries in
his French homeland.
This is a true artisan honey, sure to give your taste-buds a sensational honey experience.

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