Manuka honey, UMF 20+, Honey New Zealand, 250gms
Honey New Zealand

Manuka honey, UMF 20+, Honey New Zealand, 250gms

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UMF 20+ means that this quality, pure New Zealand Manuka honey has been proven in laboratory tests to kill bacteria as effectively as 20% phenol bleach solution.
So it should be highly effective in treating sore throats, colds and skin complaints.
It will also expedite the healing of wounds and abrasions.
Many people also report finding strong Manuka honeys helpful in dealing with stomach and bowel related conditions, such as ulcers.
The honey is best used sparingly, consumed by the spoonful, up to three times a day. It may be eaten directly, or spread on bread or toast.
Or you might prefer to mix a spoonful in a glass of warm or hot water.
(Please note that boiling water will reduce the honeys anti-bacterial effectiveness.) has certified this honey as being a genuine product of New Zealand ( license no EFD621) so you can be confident that, unlike so many others, this Manuka honey is really what the label says it is.
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