Manuka honey (100+), Blue Hills, Tasmanian, 250gms
Blue Hills Honey

Manuka honey (100+), Blue Hills, Tasmanian, 250gms

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This delicious Manuka honey is produced at the Blue Hills apiary, deep within the wilderness of the Tarkine forest reserve in north-western Tasmania.

The forest there is pristine, wild and unpolluted, and remains just has it has been for countless tens of thousands of years.

Produced from the nectar of the indigenous Leptospermum Scoparium bush, this honey has a proven capacity to kill harmful bacteria.

The strength or potency of its anti-bacterial activity is indicated by its 100+ rating. This means the honey contains a minimum of 100milligrams in each kilogram of the naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent - methylglyoxal (MGO).

Blue Hills Manuka is a delicious, pure, premium-quality Manuka honey, presented in the traditional thick, creamy style.

Packed in an hygienic plastic jar, this is 250gms (8.8 oz) of bio-active Australian Manuka honey

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