Archibalds Stringybark honey, 500gms

Archibalds Stringybark honey, 500gms

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This classic tasty Australian honey comes from the flowers and nectar of the Stringy Bark eucalypt (Eucalypt Capillulus)
It has a distinctive, strong flavour with notes of toffee or caramel.
Some describe its flavour as slightly smoky.
It is also aromatic with a pleasing, woody perfume. And if you are using it in baking there will be a wonderful honey smell in your kitchen.
The honey has a deep golden colour, and is ideal both to eat as is, or to add to your favourite dishes, or to use for cooking.
Drizzled over crumpets, or ice-cream, this honey is a real treat for your mouth.
This 500gram package of 100% Australian stringybark honey is sealed in a hygienic glass jar with a metal lid

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