Ambrosia raw, organic honey, 500gms
Ambrosia raw honey 500gms jar

Ambrosia raw, organic honey, 500gms

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Ambrosia raw honey is 100% Australian and all natural.
This is a 500gram package of pure raw honey.
Its raw because its never been heated, or in other words its been extracted and bottled at room temperature.
With an absolute minimum level of processing, this honey may be "the closest thing to getting it directly from the hive".
Its also called raw honey because its only been coarsely filtered during bottling.
So the honey still retains as much as possible of its natural pollen
This ensures the honey is full of its original level of vitamins, minerals and goodness.
The honey is bottled in a glass jar with a metal twist top lid.

Available in either raw, or raw and certified organic varieties.

[Please note: Because it still contains all the pollen, and small wax particles this raw honey will crystallize and become firm quite quickly. This is a completely natural process and can be reversed by gentle warming. Just stand the jar in hot water and the honey will soften again. (Don't use boiling water or the microwave - excessive heat can reduce the honey's natural goodness).]

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