Ambrosia organic honey, 1kg

Ambrosia organic honey, 1kg

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Ambrosia organic honey is delicious, 100% Australian and a completely natural product.
It is "certified" organic. This means that the bees were in remote areas, free from pollution or any potential contaminants. Most importantly the bees were foraging outside of agricultural zones where insecticides or pesticides are used.
Ambrosia's organic is also guaranteed to have come from bee hives that have not been treated with any chemicals or antibiotics.
The honey has had a minimum of processing, with honey harvesting, extraction and bottling all below a maximum of 45 degrees centrigrade.
(This is the typical temperature inside a bee hive).
So this honey may be "the closest thing to getting it directly from the hive" and retains its full quota of health-sustaining vitamins, minerals and goodness.

This 1 kg honey package is presented in a glass jar with twist top metal lid.
(Gross weight 1.4kg)

(This honey has been certified organic by ACO Certification Ltd.
ACO is an Australian goverment endorsed organic certifier.
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