Airborne Manuka Honey (New Zealand) 85+ 500gms
triple airborne NZ manuka honey 85+

Airborne Manuka Honey (New Zealand) 85+ 500gms

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Airborne’s Manuka honey has a rich, thick texture, and delicous fruity flavour with hints of caramel.
Airborne Manuka honey is also  guaranteed to be pure Manuka honey.
The company laboratory tests every batch of its Manuka honey for its pollen purity level.
And for this  batch the tests showed an 85% purity rating.
Airborne also test the HMF levels so that customers can be assured the honey hasn’t been heated in handling or bottling.
That all means with Airborne Manuka honey you know what you are paying for.
You know you are getting genuine, pure and unheated Manuka honey.
Airborne is, of course, one of New Zealand’s oldest and most trusted brands.
It offers complete supply chain transparency and accountability.
Thats why there is a bar code on each jar;  you can use the code to find out the exact location of the bee hives that produced the honey.
Based in Leeston, on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand’s south island, Airborne is a family-owned company that has been producing honey for more than 100 years.

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