3kg tub Beechworth honey

Beechworth, pure Australian honey, 3kg tub

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Beechworth honey packs and sells exclusively Australian honey. Their honey is pure, natural and high quality.
The Beechworth Honey Company has a heritage stretching back to the gold rush days of the 1880s.
Jodie Goldsworthy (nee Robinson) is the company co-founder and fourth generation of beekeepers in her family.
She and husband Steven share an absolute passion for bees and beekeeping.
They harvest their honeys from bees foraging in the eucalyptus forests of their native north eastern Victoria.
So Beechworth honey is a wonderfully flavoursome blend of the yellow box, red gum, stringy bark and other eucalypts found in these forests.
This 3 kilogram package of quality Australian honey is packaged in sturdy, clear plastic tub.
The tubs are re-sealable, and have a built in carrying handle.
They're ideal for any kitchen, restaurant or cafe that uses honey on a regular basis.
This is a pure Australian honey, with a pleasing golden colour and a lovely sweet flavour.
Its sure to please even the most discerning honey consumer, and is perfect either as a spread, or as a condiment, or as a sweetener.