Raw organic yellowbox honey
Raw Honey Company

Raw organic yellowbox honey

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Fabulous, yellow box raw organic honey bottled cold, and without straining or filtering, so as to preserve all the natural flavour and goodness of 100% pure honey.
Yellow box honey is a sweet, mild-flavoured honey much loved by Australian families and especially children.
Each jar contains 500gms of this delicious honey.
The honey has been created by the bees gathering nectar from flowering Eucalyptus Melliodora gums in northern Victoria's Heathcote Graytown National Park
The Raw Honey company are a small, family based, apiary with their headquarters and operations near Nalinga in north central Victoria.
They are dedicated to the production of raw, mono-floral honeys to ensure the finest quality product, with maximum of natural health benefits.
Presented in a recyclable glass jar with a re-sealable metal lid this honey is certified organic by AUS-QUAL, asnd meets the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce

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