Grey box honey, Raw, 500gms
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Grey box honey, Raw, 500gms

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Grey box honey is a popular Australian eucalyptus honey with a light, sweet  flavour.
So this is a family favourite honey suitable for all ages, and all typical honey uses.
It'll be great for kids sandwiches and breakfast cereals, but also good for sweetening adults cups of tea or coffee
The honey gets its name from the 'grey box' eucalypt trees where the bees harvested the nectar (latin name Eucalyptus Microcarpa).
Specifically, these grey box were growing in the Rushwoth state forest of northern Victoria.
Its also called raw honey, because it has been cold-extracted, and bottled without any processing.
So it still contains pollen and other goodies that are normally filtered out in supermarket honey.
This means the honey retains all the goodness, flavour and vitality the bees originally made it with.

Please note that like all raw honeys, this grey box honey crystallizes quite readily.
But the crystals are typically light-coloured and tiny. So the honey remains soft and easy to spread even after it has crystallized.
This 500gms package of grey box honey is bottled in a recyclable glass jar with a metal screw on lid.

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