Cradle Mountain leatherwood honey, 500gms Australian Honey Products
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Cradle Mountain leatherwood honey, 500gms

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Cradle mountain leatherwood honey is pure, natural and delicious.
It is named after Tasmania's spectacularly beautiful and iconic, world heritage listed, Cradle-Mountain Lake St Clair National Park.
 Its called leatherwood honey because it comes from the ancient leatherwood trees that grow in Tasmania's wilderness and national parks.
Presented in the traditional clear liquid style this genuine leatherwood honey boasts all of the qualities that make this honey so special.
It has a fantastic and unique sweet flavour, a warm golden colour, and an intense aromatic perfume.
Indeed this honey has many awards. 
Back in 2015, for example, it was voted 'Best Honey in the World' at the World Beekeeping Awards.
Its produced by a leading Tasmanian honey exporter and one of the states largest producers - Australian Honey Products, headquartered in Sheffield.

Packaged in hygienic re-cyclable PET jars, this 500gms  honey package is a great treat for a honey lover, and indeed anyone who loves honey.

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