Honeycomb, Natural Australian, Superbee, 300gms

Honeycomb, Natural Australian, Superbee, 300gms

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350grams of pure, natural honeycomb cut straight from the beehive.
Nothing could be more pure or more natural.
There has been absolutely no processing of this honeycomb, nothing added and taken away.
It has simply been cut from the beehive, placed inside this hygienic plastic box and sealed.
So you can be guaranteed that this is a completely and wholly natural product.
Eat the honeycomb, wax and all to get the full benefit of the vitamin rich wax.
Or just chew the honeycomb and wax, and discard the wax after you've eaten all the honey.
Or just squeeze the honey out beforehand and discard the wax then.
Any way you choose to consume the honeycomb you'll enjoy the full confidence and assurance that what you have eaten was one hundred per cent pure and natural.

Based in South Western NSW, Superbee is one of Australia's leading producers of fine, high-quality honey.
All of their honey products have been packaged in compliance with HACCP food safety and quality assurance guidelines.
So you can be sure that this is 100% pure, natural Australian honey.
Enjoy this uniquely Australian honey product carefully packaged in an hygienice plastic resealable box.

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