Ginger honey (Tasmanian Honey Company) 400gms jar
Tasmanian Honey Company

Ginger honey (Tasmanian Honey Company) 400gms jar

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Ginger is a wonderful add on to honey. Its heat and spice adds a real zing to the natural sweetness of honey.
That why this ginger honey is a real flavour treat.
Its a mix of pure honey with real ginger. Containing just under 10% ginger puree, this Tasmanian Honey Company product is a genuine gourmet delight.
Of course ginger has been renowned for millenia as a tonic in Chinese medicine, said to help purify the blood and have numerous other health benefits.
And in the west, ginger and honey have always been popular to mix with hot water for treatment of colds, sore throats and flu symptoms.
So whether you are looking for a gourmet sensation or a health fix, this ginger honey is sure to delight.
Presented in an attractive, and wide-mouthed glass jar, with golden metal lid, this is a specialty honey product sure to find favour.

Enjoy it today or give someone you love the gift of this quality Australian product

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