Blue Gum honey, Miellerie, Unheated, 325gms

Blue Gum honey, Miellerie, Unheated, 325gms

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Beekeeper Yves Ginat has an intense and spiritual commitment to truly authentic tastes and flavour in his honeys.
Take, for example, the way he describes his delicious Blue Gum honey .

"Madame Blue Gum opens her branches as a crown of blossom from October to December, from seaside to hill top. She is an elder, a sage, and will yield in her own rhythm of 5, 7, or 9 years; Tasmania’s flower emblem.

Each flower like a little sun, she gives to us; each flower a larder of nectar, she gives to the bees. Her honey is soft and delicate in perfume, attracting the swift parrot and bees to share her crown to live. We have sheltered within the rooted hollows of her trunk, between the earth and cosmos, surrounded by the music of dripping nectar. The blossom yields to us, and the perfume seduces us."

Yve's holistic and natural approach also extends into his harvesting techniques because this is a wholly unprocessed, cold-extracted, 'raw' honey.
That means the honey retains all its essential goodness, and the all health promoting vitality that the bees created it with.
With its creamy and buttery texture, this honey is presented in a traditional French fashion.
Hand-crafted by a genuine artisan bee-keeper, this is a rare, beautiful and absolutely delicious honey.

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