Archibalds Yellow Box honey, 14kg

Archibalds Yellow Box honey, 14kg

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This 14kg tub of delicious, pure, yellow box honey is supplied in a sturdy and hygienic white tub, with a built-in carrying handle.

Sealed with a tear-off opener built into the re-sealable plastic lid, this is a quality honey product from Victoria's Archibalds honey.

Archibalds is a family-owned company that has been collecting and packaging honey in Victoria for generations. And its honey products have a hard-earned reputation for quality and consistency.

This Yellow Box honey is no exception and is one of Archibald's most popular honeys.

It comes from the flowers and nectar of the Yellow Box tree (Eucalypt Melliodora).

The honey has a lovely light-golden colour, a sweet appealing flavour, and perfect runny consistency.

Its great for spreading on sandwiches or toast; adds extra flavour to stir-fried Asian dishes, sweetens hot drinks nicely, and pours readily over morning porridge or cereal.

So this is an all-rounder honey, suitable for all applications, and probably Australia's family favourite honey.

Please note: Due to the substantial weight of each tub, an additional freight charge may apply and will vary depending on where the honey is to be delivered. Contact us for details. Also available in 28kg tub size, and (subject to seasonal availability) in other varieties including redgum, stringybark and orange blossom.

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